Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

We have made strategic alliances with some of the Best Financial Service Providers in the Country, which provide you the Premium investment vehicle with range of investment options.

We have discretionary Portfolio Management Service, which offers professional management of your investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns. It relieves you from all monitoring hassles with benefits like regular reviews, strong risk management flexibility and makes it an ideal investment avenue for high net worth investors.

Key Benefits
  • Strong and Active risk management.
  • Diversification of portfolio for adequately spreading equity related risks.
  • Active and regular monthly review and portfolio rebalancing.
  • Experienced and Professional fund management team.
  • Flexibility to switch from one strategy to other.
  • Additional purchase facility & Partial Withdrawal facility.

Why invest with us through PMS

  • Buy & Hold philosophy with focus on better post tax returns for the clients.
  • Stock selection based on Quality of Management / Cash Reserves / Return on Equity / Valuations at which the stock is available.
  • "Value Strategy " has consistently outperformed the benchmark across market cycles over a 13 year period.
  • Focused Portfolio Investments for client.
  • Clients will get 24 *7 access to his portfolio on the web. ( Transparency ).
  • Client will get CA Certified Tax statement end of every financial year.